StuntCalls сalling rates to Kenya

Landline calling rate — € 0.1300

Mobile calling rate — € 0.1800

Last update: 18.10.2020

How to start using StuntCalls

To make VoIP call to Kenya via StuntCalls should register an account at voip program web-site, if not yeat! At voip programs website Download page you can find applications for various devices - PC, tablets, smartphone. Choose and download the application suitable for your device.

How to charge StuntCalls

To have oportunity to make call to Kenya you should buy voip credits. Payment methods avalable in your area will find at "Buy Credits" page in accout at StuntCalls. If available payment ways of StuntCalls are not suitable for you, you can try StuntCalls ip - telephony resellers web-sites:
— choose your favorite reseller site.

How to make a call by StuntCalls

After StuntCalls application setup and accout was charged you are ready to make your call to Kenya. To make call to Kenya just dail the phone number in international format:
+ 254 Kenya country code - region code or mobile operator code - phone number
— Also, instead of + (plus) you can dail 00 (double zero)

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